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Reliable and Professional Snow Removal Service in Milton and Mississauga

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Local Snow Removal and Driveway Clearing in Mississauga and Milton Areas

We do not limit the amount of seasonal clearings and we do not charge you double for storms over 10cm. One price from the start of the winter until the end of winter. We are your one stop company from residential driveway clearing to commercial lot clearing and ice management services.

  • Snow Clearing & Removal
  • Snow Relocation Service
  • Walkway Clearing & Ice Control
  • Anti Icing & Ice Control
  • Organic based De-Icers
  • Multiple Visits Per Storm
  • Experienced Crews
  • Professional Customer Service
  • Seasonal and Single Service
  • No Surprise Fees

Single Driveway

The Single Driveway plan is for 1 vehicle.

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Double Driveway

The Double Driveway plan is for 2 to 4 vehicles.

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Large Driveway

The Large Driveway plan is for 6 vehicles

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If you have an extra large driveway that can accommodate 7 or more vehicles, we can still assist you. Contact us at 1-844-4TRELNY for your customized quote.


We will clear your driveway and pile the snow on your curb within 12 hours of the snow storm ending.

Our maintenance team is fully committed to helping the environment and as a result offer a new environmentally friendly ice melt product, that also is safer for pets and lawns. The fleet of snow removal vehicles we use produce next to zero emissions. We use diesel powered equipment running on Ultra low sulfur diesel with exhaust emission control systems to eliminate smoke and soot.